District Information System for Education (DISE)

Roadmap Data Capture Format (DCF) Workshops Data Status Software

Letter from NUEPA 2013-14


Audio recording - Orientation of Head Masters/respondents for filling up of DISE DCF 2013-14


Introduction by

Prof. Arun Mehta


DCF orientation by Naveen Bhatia


Letter for the nomination of participants for Edusat programme 2013-14



  Roadmap for implementation of Unified District Information System for Education



DISE DCF for the year 2013-14 - 3rd September 2013  

District Information System for Education (U-DISE) Data Capture Format (DCF)

17 September 2012


Type of DCF which can be printed from DISE software


U-DISE Software (School Database Module) (30 Sep 2013 - School Database Module)



Export/Import Module (14 January 2013 - Export/Import Module) (C:\DISE2001\DISEXPRT)


Blank DISEXPRT.DB (31 December 2012) (C:\DISE2001\DISEXPRT)


DISE Resources (to be extracted into C:\U-DISE\DISEASST\SCHDATA)


Database Organizer Module (13 December 2012) (C:\U-DISE\DISEASST\ORGNISER)

Password for the module is "steps"


Reporter Module (04 September 2013) C:\U-DISE\DiseAsst\Reporter (with category goruping)


Reporter Module (10 May 2013) C:\U-DISE\DiseAsst\Reporter


Procedure to Implement U-DISE (for State Users only)

      AMMYY (Remote Desktop Software)  

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